“What’s in a name?” the Great Bard once asked. For us, when it came to naming our product, there was really only one choice—baseball legend and humanitarian Roberto Clemente. Our parent company is RC21X. The “RC” comes from his initials; the “21” was his jersey number during his 18 years with our hometown Pittsburgh Pirates. The “X” is short for the excellence he displayed in his Hall of Fame career.  

But as great a baseball player as Clemente was, he was an even better person. He selflessly used his baseball fame to promote equality and to advance charitable causes. Ultimately, it cost him his life as he died on a mission to bring relief supplies to the victims of a devastating earthquake in Nicaragua.

In creating this brain monitoring tool, we set out to have the values of Roberto Clemente:

  • We would help people by giving them timely information and tirelessly promoting brain health
  • We would be dependable and always strive to perform at a high level
  • We would be groundbreaking
  • We would embrace excellence in everything we do. It would be our standard.

We’re fortunate to have the support of the Clemente family and the Roberto Clemente Foundation. Each day we strive to live up to his legacy.


Roberto Clemente Jr. on The Roberto App